Celsius is a brand new logistics solution revolutionising cold chain distribution services. Our smart, digital platform looks after every stage of the cold chain process from manufacturer here to through all sequences of temperature controlled environments.

Celsius uses equations proprietary algorithms to solve complex problems making the whole process simpler and more efficient. Intelligent software identifies spare storage, transport and VAS capacity in a constantly fluctuating, dynamic global system. Our goal is to network the global cold chain, to ensure the safety, quality and deliverability of life-saving pharmaceuticals, nutritious and high quality food and all temperature sensitive consumables.

More than
just service

We’re the only cold chain and fulfilment provider out there with such a transparent and flexible offering to our partners.

100% Service Level Guarantee
We’re so confident in the quality of our partnership, we offer a money back guarantee against your targets.

Our best rate always
One tariff, that guarantees maximum discounts.

Responsible & Sustainable
We stand for a sustainable and ethical approach to logistics.

No Contracts, No Minimums
Simple, pay-as-you go financing for both storage and shipping and value add services.

Dedicated Fulfilment Experts
Our Atlanta and London based teams are on hand to advise you every step of the way.

Quality assured
We’re endorsed by industry bodies and leading partners..

with us

Our diverse range of American and International clients rely on our fulfilment services and software to boost their business growth.

Multinational food Companies
Can use Celsius to adapt rapidly to changes in consumption or production to ensure quality, deliverability and safety are maintained – dramatically reducing food wastage, improving their bottom line. 150,000 tons of food goes into landfill every year in the US alone – Celsius will have a dramatic impact on food wastage.

Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies
Statistics tell us that $35bn worth of potentially life-saving pharmaceuticals are spoiled every year due to breaks in the Cold Chain. Celsius wants to play its part in ensuring that tragedies due to cold chain inefficiencies are eliminated, and the all important pharmaceutical industry focus on saving and improving lives.

Smaller Enterprises
Celsius is there to give start-ups and small companies direct access to the same quality of cold chain that multi-nationals have with the click of a button. Instant on demand pricing and service, for even the smallest producers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers.


Our diverse range of international clients rely on our fulfilment services and software to boost their business growth.


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Send us an e-mail